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Moxie Auctions provides the following services throughout the State of Maine.

Live Auctions

Live onsite auctions of the contents of your home or business. We provide the skills and manpower to catalog, advertise, sell and settle your personal property by the auction method. We’ll handle everything from the initial assessment through bidder registration and checkout, even shipping if needed. Best of all, we come to you — the auction will take place where the assets are located, or at a place near you.

Online Auctions

Online auctions of your personal property. We will catalog and post your property in an online auction, and collect winning bid payments online. Buyers will be assigned a specific time to collect their items, or have them shipped.

Personal Property Appraisals

Ruth Lind holds the Graduated Personal Property Appraiser designation from the National Auctioneers Association. She is qualified to appraise your personal property for insurance or divorce valuation, to market value for intended sale, or whatever purpose you require. Her appraisals will be delivered to you in fully USPAP compliant format. While qualified and experienced in a wide range of personal property, Ruth specializes in quilts and quilting memorabilia.

Benefit Auctions

Ruth has attained the highest levels of training and qualifications as a Benefit Auctioneer, helping small and large groups raise funds through the auction method. Please visit our Benefit Auction page for more information: www.moxiebenefitauctions.com.